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IFC Solutions, formerly International Foodcraft Corporation, has been manufacturing quality ingredients and processing aids for the food, confectionery and cosmetic Color dispersionsindustries since 1939.

Product Line Summary:

Food Color and Cosmetic Colorants

Food Release Agents and Anti-Stick Lubricants
Prevent your food products from sticking to contact surfaces during manufacture.

Contract Ingredient Blending
Including the blending of Certified Organic Ingredients!

Allergen Free Lecithins
Have the functionality of soy lecithin without allergen related issues.

Certified Organic Ingredients and Services
In addition to manufacturing Organic Food Release Agents and Organic Food Colorants, we also source or custom blend a wide variety of hard to find Certified Organic Ingredients. We also custom blend certified organic ingredients (Liquid, Paste or Powder) to our customers' specifications.


We make using color easier and a lot less expensive!

If your manufacturing process requires that color be pre-dispersed into a carrying agent before being introduced to your product (panning is an example) or if you don't want the mess associated with using dyes in powder form, our COLOREZE Color Concentrates are just what you're looking for!

Color concentrates for food, confectionery and cosmetic products
At IFC Solutions, we specialize in dispersing color into FDA approved ingredients to develop unique, high quality color concentrates. We produce colors in a variety of formats to make the job of coloring food, confectionery and cosmetic products easy and economical.

Some typical applications include (but are not limited to):

· Chocolate

· Compound Coatings

· Hard Candy

· Icings

· Inclusions

· Taffy
· Colored Sugar

· Beverages

· Panned Products

· Non-Pareils

· Cotton Candy

· Lipstick & Lip Gloss
· Tableted Products

· Sprinkles

· Bird Toys

· Ice Cream

· Packaging Material

· Nail Polish

We also sell Powder Dyes and Pigments in Powder Form at very competitive prices!
Color powder dyes
Let us work with you to determine the best color format for your process (Liquid Colors, Powder Dyes, Lake Dispersions, Paste Colors, Color Bits, etc.)!

You will be very pleased to find that our prices are generally significantly lower than what the major color companies charge!

Plus, small and rush orders are not a problem.

Please see our Food Color Concentrates information sheet.


Let us work with you to solve your sticky processing problems!

The production of many food grade products is a continuous battle against sticking during several phases of manufacturing. Our Release Agents and Anti-Stick Lubricants are specifically formulated for various applications to prevent products from sticking to the surfaces they come into contact with during production.

In addition to dozens of stock formulations for candy manufacturing, baked goods production, and meat processing, we specialize in developing custom blends to meet specific processing requirements for a wide range of industries.

Please see our Food Release Agents information sheet.


Let us get messy so you don't have to!

Ingredient blendingWe will custom blend your troublesome ingredients to your specifications using ingredients supplied by your company or by us.

We have the capabilities to custom blend . . .

  • Liquids
  • Pastes
  • Powders

    . . . to your specifications!

We offer a variety of packaging options, including drums, pails, jugs and corrugated cartons.

Please see our Contract Ingredient Blending information sheet.